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Choosing Piano Removals Companies and Piano Moving Tips

Moving a piano is not as easy as you think, which is more of an expert’s job than DIY. If you own a piano, then you are very much aware that it is a very heavy instrument. When its enormous weight combines with the bulky and uneven shape, the task of moving becomes much complex.

Moreover, most of the pianos have scratchable exterior and very sophisticated internal mechanism. This makes it a real riddle to solve if you are planning to shift your house as “how to move your piano safely and successfully?” It is highly recommended that you use a piano mover to transport your piano to new home. Professional movers Adelaide can offer you the most sophisticated services and equipment for piano removals to accomplish this task with full guarantee.

Piano removal tips

As mentioned above, you understand now that pianos need extra care and protection while transported. There are various types of pianos, and based on the size and model of your piano, they can weigh up to half a ton. So one needs special vehicles and loading / unloading professionals to handle pianos.

Moving Piano

Pianos are also very sensitive instrument and any shake or vibration can cause damage to the internal systems. On top of all these risks, the wood casing of pianos may scratch or crack easily. Some new removal companies may simply commit you piano removals without knowing the depth of it, but you need to ensure that the piano removals companies you consider have significant experience and knowledge in similar moving processes before signing up an agreement. Check for;

  • The reliability of the provider.
  • Years of experience of the company in local and interstate removals.
  • Methods they use in piano removals and other special removal needs.
  • Qualifications and certifications of their removal professionals.
  • The vehicles used for transportation.
  • Your budget and cost involved.
  • Whether they provide end-to-end removal services as you may need full house removals than just piano.
  • Testimonials and feedback about the provider’s quality and service expertise.

Piano removalists equipment

The professional companies use specialist apparatus and professionals to handle pianos and other such large musical equipment safely during removal. With proper tools and vehicles, this process can be done without much physical strain and also without causing any damage to the equipment. Some of the mandatory needs are piano trolleys, dolly trucks, and pulley systems etc. However, even with the safest removals, you may find that pianos may have slipped out of tune. This is quite natural which you can reset with a piano tuner without much difficulty.

“Can I do it myself?”

If you are looking forward to cutting down the removal costs and attempt removals DIY, then it is not impossible to do if you have a bulky piano, but not so easy. You have to hire proper moving apparatus and adequate vehicles first. The help of your friends and family may also required to load and unload this giant equipment.

However, if you need to store this and an external place before moving into the new house, then it is essential to get storage services in Adelaide SA, which can be offered only by established removalists. Considering all these risks, its better to think of using a professional service provider for your piano removal.